New to the university

Teams across the University have designed the resources below. They are specifically for staff and students new to the University or staff new to a management role.

I'm a new student

There are several induction resources for new students to support you in developing your digital capabilities.

Your Study introduction module

This Moodle course is for all new students, and it will take you through the key areas to help you get started with the digital tools and technologies you will use during your time at Plymouth.

I'm a new member of staff

This resource offers staff one-stop-shop access to useful information and guidance around digital capabilities.

It offers a host of information and links to a variety of resources to support the development of these capabilities – ranging from the systems that staff need to access and use as employees, to those that can enhance and innovate their professional and teaching practice.

The resource is aimed primarily at new staff, but it can also serve as a useful refresher tool for existing staff.

I'm new to a management role

As a new manager you need to be aware of the digital capabilities you require, as well as those of your team.

You and your team need to be ​​​​​​​able to take full advantage of the University’s investment in technology, by keeping your skills up to date.

This in turn will help you and your team to gain the skills and confidence to identify and use the appropriate tools required within your roles.