Panopto is the University’s online media platform for teaching and learning. Panopto is available through Moodle, as an app for your phone or tablet, and as a desktop application. You can use Panopto to record lectures or other taught sessions to later share with learners. Additionally, you can create video podcasts and screencasts for both blended and online learning activities.

Content capture: Doing more than lecture capture

Lectures, seminars and events capture

Panopto is installed on all PC’s in each teaching space throughout the university and can be accessed via a desktop link.

Once the lecture, seminar or event has been recorded, tutors will receive an email requesting approval. Once approved, learners will have access to the recordings.

Before approving the recording, you may wish to edit this and check it is in the appropriate course folder.
Once approved, learners will access the recordings via the Panopto block on your Moodle Course.
You can also use the Panopto activity in Moodle, which allows you to embed the recordings into your course page.

Flipping the classroom and distance learning

There’s no easier way to record pre-lecture videos than with the Panopto Recorder. This approach allows you to ‘flip the classroom’ by asking students to view and engage with recorded material before a lecture or seminar. Teaching material can be captured in short videos; students view these before a face-to-face session, freeing up time to further explore, assess and deepen understanding.

Panopto also supports distance learning allowing you to design online learning experiences that allow learners to see the tutor, their slides, whiteboards and even live demonstrations.

Go further

Panopto allows you to add interactive elements while editing your recordings. You can add features like a Table of Contents, embed a webpage, and add formative quizzes and PDF files to make your resources more engaging.

Guidance and support

Our AV help and support guidance have a suite of resources to help you learn how to use Panopto.

Seamlessly integrated with Moodle

Panopto is integrated with our virtual learning environment; making it easy for tutors to create recordings and make them available to students within corresponding Programme and Module courses.

Enhancing teaching and learning online

Active learning

Transform your videos into active learning resources by adding quizzes:

Video feedback

Video can be a powerful medium for feedback. Learn how to use Panopto to provide rich multimedia feedback. You can share a Panopto recording link in Moodle assignment feedback:


Create your own flipped learning resources with screencasting in Panopto. Whether it is an instructional video or a screencast, Panopto can help you build engaging video content for pre-session tasks:

Resources for revision

Being able to search the audio, slide text and contents of recordings makes Panopto search an indispensable tool for revision. To take things further, students can make use of the bookmarks and make notes which are time stamped and linked to the recording: